Our partners

  • P. Seelen GrubbenvorstBrokers and Trading House - P. Seelen, more than 100 years of experience in sales of fresh fruit and vegetables. A household name in high-quality products for greenhouses and outdoor horticulture: www.pseelen.nl
  • AequorNo vocational training program can do without a learning experience in the field. By joining theory with practice, your diploma will give greater value to the job market. A good internship is in line with your wishes and your training. It gives you the opportunity to become well acquainted with your profession: www.aequor.nl
  • GlobalG.A.P.GlobalG.A.P. is an organization in the private sector which determines voluntary standards for the certification of agrarian products (including aquaculture) worldwide: www.globalgap.nl
  • Forwart internet agencyForwart is a multi-purpose internet agency which invents, designs and develops customized websites, web shops, intranet systems and mobile websites based on a smart and user-friendly system, which enables the client to personally manage his website: www.forwart.nl
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